Computer attack exposes ill-treatment of inmates at an Iranian prison

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Evin Prison is the hell in which Iran has been imprisoning dissidents and activists for years. From there, new images of the systematic mistreatment of prisoners in Iran reached Spain. Evidence to prove these violations was obtained thanks to Computer attack on prison monitoring services.

Located in Northwest of Tehran, nicknamed “Evin University” for a large number of Intellectuals, politicians, journalists and activists Human rights defenders spend time in their cells. John Steward’s 2014 film Rosewater reflects the stark reality behind those walls.

But the latest and most realistic are the leaked videos from the prison security system. A group of hackers gained access to the prison’s surveillance system and posted public images recorded by the CCTV (closed circuit television) system.


Journalist Ed Claus shared on Twitter the moment the prison was attacked and surveillance screens blocked with a message from hackers. The scene, as he describes it, feels like something out of the movie.

In the last minutes of the video you can see an example of the violations committed by prison officials. The prisoner faints and the police drag him through several rooms, even a man walks over the patient without noticing him, BBC He describes him as a Muslim cleric because of the clothes he wears.

It’s not the only pictures, the English TV channel Sharing another video where you can watch how a group of policemen mistreat another handcuffed prisoner with punches and kicks. Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad remembers this There are many citizens of dual US, UK and EU nationals in this prison. ‘The international community must take strict action’ Dice.

The group that carried out the attack was called Adalat Ali And on prison control screens they played the following message: “Evin prison has a stain on Raisi’s black turban and white beard,” referring to Iran’s new president, Ebrahim Raisi, a hard-line conservative cleric and former president. from the Iranian judiciary.

Iran apologizes

Before these photos were leaked Hajj Mohammadi, President of the Prisons Institution He has been forced to apologize to the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and the country for the abuses seen in the videos. “I take responsibility for such unacceptable behavior and pledge to try to prevent the recurrence of these bitter events and to deal seriously with violators,” he said.

In March of this year, more than 150,000 security cameras in places such as prisons or car factories were subjected to a major attack intended to show how vulnerable these security systems are. Now it is Evin Prison which has proven not to be as safe as it should be, but for different reasons.

This is a new case of hacking, serving as a computer attack Reporting human rights violations to the international community. Evin’s ex-prisoners They confirmed BBC What the leaked photos show cannot be compared to what they lived in prison for years.

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