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The Lakers seek to break a negative streak in the NBA

The Cuban Bird remains undefeated in the athletics season

– The Slovenian tennis player Biden defeats Sener in the Montpellier Championship

Johnson rules out Britain’s boycott of the Winter Olympics in China


WASHINGTON, Feb.24 (Prensa Latina) Today’s Los Angeles Lakers will seek to break a negative three-game losing streak when they face Utah Jazz and, by chance, approach the summit of the Eastern Basketball Conference in the US.

The Lakers are third with 22 successes and 10 failures, after three consecutive defeats in a sector dominated by jazz with a score of 25-6 and are enjoying the smallest advantage in a half-match over the Los Angeles Clippers second-placed (23-10).


Madrid, February 24 (Prensa Latina), Cuban runner Juan Miguel Echevarria today won an 8m 14cm jump in this city’s sporting match and remained unbeaten in the current season of inner discipline.

Hechevarría, the world bronze in the long jump, scored his most secret victories so far in 2021, however, of all contenders, he was the only one to surpass eight meters. –


Montpellier, France, February 24 (Prinsa Latina) Slovenian tennis player Alejaz Bidin rebounded today from an opposite result, defeating Italian Yannick Sener 3-6, 6-2, 7-6, in the 32nd round opposite to the open tournament that witnessed through the headquarters of this city.

Biden, who ranked 58 on the global list, took just over 2 hours and 35 minutes to beat an opponent who was better placed in the rankings (38), which is why he relied so hard on the serve.

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Olympic Games

LONDON, February 24 (Prinsa Latina) UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson today ruled out a boycott of the Winter Olympics due to be held in Beijing in 2022 due to alleged human rights violations in China.

In this country, we do not usually support the sports boycott, and this is also the position of this government, as the conservative leader said when asked about it in Parliament.

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