7 Foreign Series (Very Good) to Watch on HBO

HBO It has already added to a fever Foreign series And as it happened with NetflixInternational productions (not from the US) tell the most interesting stories.

among all Broadcast platforms We have today, there is no doubt about that HBO It is one of the best sites, as it does not have the same amount of content Netflix The Amazon PresidentBut their content is always of the best quality, cinematic quality and great stories that make the whole world pay attention to them.

Do you want examples? We just have to mention a series like The Soprano, the succession to the throne games, which were fantastic productions that showed the world that television was not inferior to cinema and that the advantage of having different seasons, instead of limiting them to just two hours, allowed the characters to be explored more thoroughly, to take risks and the will to reach unexpected places.

Even with a “small” catalog (only when compared to others), there are many interesting things to see. HBO Plus, you no longer have to stick with only American production, countries like England, Spain, and Norway have developed great options that you can also choose from (if you’re not afraid to read the subtitles).

Thrillers, horror stories, shocking scenarios, and even comedies, HBO’s international range of series has something to suit all tastes and is guaranteed.

Great foreign series that you can watch on HBO:


It was created in Brazil, Difficult He has the title role Natalia Lage, Julio Machado and Martha Noel, A comedy with very black humor in which a woman who just lost her husband learns that the man she thought she knew and loved was involved in the pornography business, and it was her turn to take up the challenge to save the company she inherited in order to survive without your help.

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This is one of the newcomers to the platform and she does so from Sweden. championship Olf Steinberg, Miriam Ingrid and Oliver Dufacker, Bertown It takes us to a small town in the mountains where hockey is a national treasure and every teenager’s dream is to become a big star in the NHL. To help the team, the retired player, originally from the city, must return to Bertown to train and help them win, but on the day of the long-awaited final, a tragedy occurs that characterizes the city, leaving a traumatized girl and a girl. Dead athlete.

Before the signatories

Created by writers Lillihammer, This Norwegian series combines stories of Vikings, time travel and science fiction. The story begins when a group of Vikings mysteriously appears in modern Oslo, followed by more and more travelers from other times who must integrate into society and learn to live today. Amidst the crisis, a dead body is found on the beach leading a policeman from the present and an agent from the past to work together to unravel a plot.

CB Strike

This English series is based on the detective books written by Harry Potter author JK Rowling, under a pseudonym. Tom Burke y Holliday Grainger Play CB Strike and Robin Ellacott, a couple of private detectives who are hired to solve cases that the police can’t do. Throughout the series, the duo are tasked with solving a missing girl’s disappearance, a politician’s bribery case, and a case that only remembers a 6-year-old witness when it happened.

Half the world

Ago HBO Asia Comes this exciting movie that reveals that behind the natural world lies a secret community of demons from Asian folklore, who remain by their side from reality thanks to the control of a powerful family responsible for protecting the world, and every season it takes us to a different city where demons try their best to cross into the human world. .

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This is not an original production of HBO, But she is one of the ones that made it to her catalog thanks to her alliance with Movistar. The series takes us to a future in which Spain was devastated by a nuclear crisis that left so much contaminated land. Crossing into the affected area is prohibited, but must be done by a police officer during the investigation of a strange murder that turns out to be just the beginning of a series of violent crimes.


Chernobyl was produced between the UK and the US and was one of the best short series on the platform and is responsible for telling the true story (with little imagination) of the affected people, rescuers, scientists and politicians who played an important role after the explosion of the YIctor Nuclear de ChernobylIt shows how the radiation has caused thousands of people to fall ill or burned, and split the government to try to hide the truth from the world.

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