Kobe arrested on charges of violent robbery at Hialeah’s home

A 25-year-old Cuban man appeared in court on Tuesday for stealing money, a cell phone and six small dogs Pamper spaniel Newborns inside a house in the city of Hialeah, where he beat the occupant of the house.

The facts presented in the court date back to October 24 of last year, when a young man named Alain Pierano Menendez, She entered it with two other masked men armed with machetes To a house located at 419 Third Street, southeast of Hialeah, according to news from America TV.

The victim woke up to the noise of broken glass in the house, and when he went to see what was happening, Pierano and the other two people beat him and stole what they found.

Pigirano Menendez He is accused of housebreaking, armed robbery and assault. The report did not specify whether the bond was imposed.

The case joins several Robberies have been reported in Hialeah Since the beginning of the year.

Earlier this month, it was another Cuban Police arrested them after he was robbed multiple times in the same homes From the Al-Hailiya neighborhood. In this case, and in the face of the repeated robberies, the residents of the area installed cameras and motion sensors, and despite this, the 43-year-old continued to break into the courtyards and steal the tools he found in the first place. It all ended when one of the victims recognized the matter when he saw him walking through the neighborhood He gave immediate notice to the authorities.

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In January, a 26-year-old Kobe appeared in a Miami court for a crime Mobile truck theft from U-HaulAlso in Hialeah. In this case, the defendant and his partner emptied belongings that were inside the car and then left it in a parking lot at the Westland Mall in that city.

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