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Researchers and groups from Ciego de Avila were honored for their scientific and technical results over the past year

Today the most outstanding results of science, technology and innovation in Ciego de Ávila during the year 2022 are recognized in the provincial law for Cuba’s Science Day, celebrated on January 15 each year.

Rafael Pérez Carmenet, Regional Delegate of the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment (CITMA), noted the ability of the Avellanian scholars to contribute to compliance with the national economic and social development plan, despite the economic complexities, which were exacerbated by the economic and trade blockade. and American Finance.

Among the distinguished on Friday stands out the National Prize of the Cuban Academy of Sciences in its 2022 edition, in the branch of Biomedical Sciences, awarded to Dr. Ángel Lacerda Gallardo, honorary member of that institution and employee of the Capitán Roberto General Teaching District Hospital Rodríguez Fernández, located in the municipality of Morón.

Máximo Gómez Báez University (UNICA) and its Center for Bioplants have been recognized for research related to the preservation of fruits and vegetables using traditional methods, GMO and biosafety in the cultivation of pineapple, and the crude extract of bromelain as a stimulator of germination of organic pepper seeds. .

In the field of natural and exact sciences, the House of Postgraduate Studies and the Provincial Meteorological Center stood out, with studies on the analysis of maximum precipitation in the province of Avellane, bioclimatic conditions and future scenarios in Jardin del Rey, the latter of which has been applied to Tourism management.

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UNICA has also been honored in the field of social sciences and humanities, for investigations that contribute to the improvement of the educational sector and reflect the impact of a local agricultural innovation project in the municipality of Paraguay.

In this category, knowledge management system in the transformative interactions of the actors of the Government of Florence for Local Development, and the results of the community social project Vivir y Vejecer a Plenitud, of the Municipality of Morón, are also recognized.

Likewise, the University of Medical Sciences and the Provincial Teaching Hospital Dr. Antonio Luas Iraola received incentives for studies that made improvements to the teaching and learning process.

For the Biomedical Sciences branch, Moron Hospital received recognition, with innovative proposals for the treatment of diseases and research related to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the field of technical sciences, an image analysis study system for determining the canopy area of ​​acclimatized seedlings has emerged from the Center for Vital Plants.

The Provincial Prize for Technological Innovation corresponds to the companies of hydraulic exploitation, building materials, food, and the Tiendas Caracol subsidiary, with outstanding work in this activity, so that they favor productive economic processes and service provision.

Today, at a regional ceremony to commemorate the Cuban Flag Day, the award for innovation was handed over to the Caracol Commercial Branch.

Posted by Caracol Stores, Ciego de Avila on me Friday, January 13, 2023

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Other companies and new economic players integrating science and innovation into their management were the Rincón Los Hondones Farm School with a focus on landscaping, Agustín Balmaseda’s primary cooperative production unit, and the companies Cubasoy and Agropecuaria Arnaldo Ramírez and Assurance and Services to Education. Recognized by CITMA.

Cuban Flag Day is celebrated every January 15, a date set in 1990, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the leader of the revolution, Fidel Castro, who defined the role of science in the development of the country when he said: “The future of our country must necessarily be a future for men of science, it must be a future for men of intellect.”

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