Is Amazon Luna worth paying for?

Subscription services are the order of the day, obviously Amazon It cannot be left behind, as we know very well that it currently has many subscription services, be it prime minister Or the Amazon Music UnlimitedBut now he's joining in too Amazon Moon. The new service offered by this company is ideal for people who love video games, but is it really worth paying the monthly fees for this platform?

like Passcloud game, Amazon Moon It is a service that offers a catalog of games that we can access as long as we pay for them, but it also includes a function, which is that it only works through cloud gaming. Unlike the service provided to us Microsoftfor which we have to pay more if we want to access the game remotely. Amazon's new platform only allows one type of subscription, which we can have monthly to have a library of more than 100 games only in the cloud.

What is Amazon Luna and Amazon Luna+

When talking about the service created by the American company, we must make a little difference, which is that it really is Amazon Moon It is the same platform that we can use for cloud gaming, while… Amazon Luna+ It's a subscription to access the video game catalog. It is important to clarify that, since the basic version does not require monthly payment, we can use it with a limited number of games if we already have the monthly payment offered by Amazon Prime.

The main subscription that costs 5 euros Every month it allows us to access a limited set of games, because it only provides access to them fortnite And some titles offer several mini-games to play with friends. Meanwhile, a subscription of €10 per month allows us to choose between more 100 gameswhich includes some such as the saga Yakuza, devil may cry 5, Sonic maniaAnd other titles that attract attention.

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In addition, with both subscriptions we have access to a function that allows us to link our account Ubisoft So we can play most of the games we have in our library from this company through the platform Amazon.

Image of Amazon Luna

Is it profitable to pay for this subscription?

As we always say, in the end, it all depends on what each person prefers, because for example, for someone who really likes to play a large number of video games, it is a good investment because it also allows you to access them from any device. Although it does have a big point against it, which is that it does not offer a variety of titles, for example, Game arcadeSince many of the games included in the Amazon subscription are indie games, many of them are also included in what it offers us Microsoft.

But on the other hand, the strong point that this application has is the so-called sofa games, that is, those games that will be used with family or friends, and they are very fun. This is mainly because, since you are in the cloud, you can play these games directly from a TV, which makes them much easier to implement. If we add to this the possibility of joining the game locally using another device that has a compatible browser, this makes it the perfect choice for those moments when we want to have a good time with our friends or family while we are at home.

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