School texts are presented in 41 languages ​​native to Peru

Gear-. Today the Peruvian Ministry of Education has provided school texts and other materials in 41 languages ​​of ethnic groups in the Andean regions, in some cases to restore several languages ​​in the process of extinction.

Presenting texts, workbooks and guides to teachers, the director of intercultural education in the aforementioned organization, Francisco Roña, said that the aim of the materials is for students to learn in their own languages.

He said that the material will be distributed to 26,000 schools of intercultural education in which 268,000 students will study, and it will work to preserve and evaluate cultural practices as a basis for approaching other knowledge.

He pointed out the importance of students reasserting themselves culturally and cognitively in their ways of thinking, saying, doing and approaching other knowledge.

Ronia noted that bilingual education is specifically aimed at restoring languages ​​that were in the process of extinction, which is very important for children to take up and speak in them.

For necessary cases, provisioning includes small computers (tablets) with software and applications in native languages ​​as well.

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