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Attention! Just as computers or laptops must be suspended, restarted or turned off, mobile phones must also go through the same situation frequently, that is if you don’t want your device It gets bad in no time. Today we will teach you a simple trick to find out how long your cell phone has been on without interruption.

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Existing devices are designed to operate 24 hours a day, even when charging it is not necessary to turn it off, because when it reaches 100% it will automatically stop receiving electricity; However, we recommend restarting or shutting it down once a week so that it takes a break and can last longer.

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To perform this trick on your computer with an operating system It will not be necessary to download another additional program or application that puts the privacy, security and information stored on the smartphone at risk, since the previously mentioned bot has an original configuration where it indicates the exact time since your phone was shut down or restarted for the last time.

How do I know how long my CELL phone has been running

  • First, enter your mobile “Settings” Android.
  • Then find the Device Information tab and tap on it.
  • Here you have to move the space bar down until you find the “Activity time” section, touch it.
  • In this section, you can see how many minutes or hours have passed since the last time the mobile device was restarted.
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How do I know which Android version I have

  • Open the phone’s “Settings” app, you can locate it with the sprocket (gear) icon.
  • Now, slide the space bar to the bottom to find and enter the “System” > “Advanced Settings” > “System Update” section.
  • Finally, see here version Android and the level of security patch for your computer.

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