School districts in Tampa and Orlando are suspending classes due to the arrival of Hurricane Adalia

Prior to Hurricane Adalia’s arrival in Florida, some counties reported school suspensions starting today in Tampa and Orlando.

And in Orlando, it was reported that all public schools in the Osceola School District will open on Wednesday, August 30.

It was reported that according to the forecast it was decided that the forecast would be safe for school buses to operate and to be open tomorrow and conduct a normal day.

Volusia, Lake District and Orange County have announced that there will be no schools tomorrowBut they hope to resume it on August 31.

The Seminole Public School District also announced its closure. for tomorrow.

In Tampa, school district Citrus County announced the suspension of activities next Tuesday and Wednesday.

They reported that educational facilities had become evacuation centers as of Monday noon.

All schools will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

School authorities have asked parents to follow up on whether the closures will be extended.

Hernando County also announced the suspension of activities see you tomorrow.

Pasco County reported what is the day And on Wednesday they will suspend their activities.

El Pasco – Hernando State College said its campus will remain closed During today and Wednesday 30 August.

They indicated in a statement that they expect classes to resume on the 31st if there is no news.

Idalia is still a tropical storm in the Caribbean and in the next few hours it will become a hurricane with winds exceeding 75 mph.


  • Sunday: It will affect western Cuba for more than 24 hours.
  • Monday: Little by little Idalia will advance into the waters of the Gulf and in this way will quickly gain strength and reach the strength of a hurricane.
  • Tuesday: The effects will begin to be felt along the entire west coast of Florida, with tropical storm-force winds, coastal flooding and a dangerous storm surge.
  • Wednesday: Hurricane Idalia is expected to make landfall somewhere off the northwest Florida coast starting Wednesday. Any eastward shift in the path of this system will mean larger effects in the Tampa Bay area and on the northwest coast.
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Continuous updates on Univision Orlando News

Since last Friday, we have been reporting on this system in our news and digital platforms. Following our continued coverage over the weekend, we’ll continue to update you on the progress Idalia has made and the resources available to the Central Florida community. This is how you can check out the latest reports with meteorologists Iriana Guerrero, Liliana Allende and Jennifer Chang, as well as our team of correspondents:

Helpful resources this hurricane season:

More on Idalia:


Tropical Storm Idalia was upgraded to a category one hurricane with winds of around 75 kilometers per hour. It is expected to make landfall tonight as a Category 3 hurricane. University of Tampa meteorologist Gaston Heredia explains its likely paths and what we can expect for the Tampa area.


Idalia is actually in the Gulf of Mexico. Favorable conditions will allow it to turn into a powerful hurricane that will affect Florida in just hours. we tell you.


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed Executive Order 23-171 on Saturday, which declares 33 counties a state of emergency in preparation for the tropical cyclone.

credit: NHC

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Given the damage the Idalia region can cause, local Florida governments have begun distributing sandbags so that residents can combat potential flooding. In addition, several provinces have evacuated people from their homes.

credit: Univision Orlando.


According to the data, the areas that could suffer the most damage are upstate and the multiple counties located in Tampa Bay.

credit: Univision Orlando.

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Large areas of Florida’s west coast are at risk from storm surge and flooding. Eviction notices have been issued in 21 counties with mandatory orders for some people in eight of those counties. Many of the notices were given to people who live in coastal and low-lying areas, those who live in structures such as mobile and manufactured homes, recreational vehicles, and boats, and people who may be at risk in the event of a power outage.

credit: Univision Orlando.


As of now, Idalia is maintaining winds of 75 mph. However, if it becomes a Category 3 hurricane, it could reach winds of 115 mph before it makes landfall in Florida.

credit: Univision Orlando.


The National Hurricane Center warns of a life-threatening storm surge and dangerous winds. By the early evening of August 29, winds, storm surge and flooding will be felt in Florida.

credit: Univision Orlando.

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