The Rubiales case and his mother’s imprisonment in Motril hit the UK press

The case of the detention of Luis Rubiales and his mother in the Divina Pastora church in Motril has crossed borders, even to the level of a typical British sensationalist. UK Journal Daily Star Its cover this Tuesday featured the building in Motril where Angeles Bigger lives and described the president as a “bad boy” after the controversial kiss, which was defined as a “football photo.”

The cover reads the following: “The pinnacle of Spanish infamy causes the mother to lock herself in the church”. In it you can see the picture of the kiss with the description of “football picture”, as well as the mother of Rubiales with the introduction of the “mummy” and the president himself as the “bad boy”.

In the cover title you can read Some moms do, Where it comes to a play on words with the title of a comedy very popular in the UK in the 1970s reworked with Rubiales’ mother.

Meanwhile, in another tabloid such as The Sun, they describe on their website a “kiss of anger” because of the situation “Disgraced Union President”. In addition, they identified Motril simply as “east of Malaga”, without mentioning the province.

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