Scavengers Reign is coming to Netflix

The era of the scavengers One of the latest science fiction series that The best public reception he has had in recent years. According to the specialized portal. Rotten tomatoesThis series has a 100% rating from specialized critics. The percentage of public votes reached 94%.

The era of the scavengers

Everything pushes us to make a second season, but the HBO Max platform (Original Max) does not think in the same opinion as the specialized critics and the public, so Season 2 has been cancelled.

For its part, Netflix is ​​working hard to display the series on its platform Make the second installment that many of her fans have been waiting for.

Fans are waiting for sweet

The era of the scavengers It was only released in some countries on HBO Max (Max Original) in October. Since then many have considered him, One of the best science fiction series I have ever watched.

Starting May 31, it will be available in the Netflix catalog In some countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and New Zealand.

It should be noted that on this occasion, Netflix does not have exclusive rights. But both platforms will stream the first season simultaneously. In this way, Netflix It seeks to check the response of its subscribers to one of the most well-received series recently.

The series that drives everyone crazy that could be coming to Netflix
The era of the scavengers

If the response is what Netflix expected, There is a rumor that the platform will be responsible for producing the second season.

So far Netflix has not issued any official statement on this matter.. from Green Streetthe company that was responsible for producing Scavengers Reign, stated in Variety that they “I’m so excited to have Scavengers Reign join the amazing animated lineup on Netflix.”.

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The series that drives everyone crazy that could be coming to Netflix
The era of the scavengers

There is hope that this change will be made in the program and start the second season, but until there is an official confirmation. We can only wait for the good news.


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