Global temperatures pile up for year of heat records – Juventud Rebelde

Global temperatures record a record year of heat, confirming that May is the warmest month in the world, according to the European Copernicus Program Climate Change Service.

So concluded the latest report of the European Union’s Earth Observation and Observation Programme, which presented World Environment Day on June 5 and was ratified last month as the twelfth consecutive record global temperature, exceeding 1.5 degrees compared to the pre-industrial era. middle.

In this sense, global temperatures from June 2023 to May of this year were 0.65 degrees above the average for the period 1991-2020, and 1.63 degrees above the average of the pre-industrial era.

Experts from the Copernicus service pointed out that this line coincides with the publication of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the UK Met Office to update the annual to decadal climate conditions.

This report presents the expectations made by these institutions for the near future (period 2024-2028). This report shows, among many other conclusions, that at least one of the next five years is likely to be the warmest on record, surpassing 2023.

For Copernicus’ Director General, Carlo Bontempo, it is shocking, though not surprising, that this 12-month period has been reached, and although there will come a time when this sequence of months with record temperatures is interrupted, the overall footprint remains Climate change is here and there are no signs of another trend on the horizon.

He added that we live in an unprecedented time, but there is also an unprecedented ability to monitor the climate, which can help in taking appropriate measures.

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If atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases can be stabilized in the very near future, lower temperatures could return by the end of the century, Bontempo said.

Data from the Copernicus Climate Change Service and a report from the World Meteorological Organization and the UK Met Office supported the major climate statement from UN Secretary-General António Guterres, who said the planet is trying to tell us something, but we don’t seem to hear it – she.

For a year now, every page we tear from the calendar has gotten hotter. Global temperature records are being broken and we are facing a whirlwind. It’s a tough time when it comes to climate. He warned that now is the time to mobilize, act and comply.

The average global temperature in May 2024 was 1.52 degrees higher than the pre-industrial period of 1850-1900, marking the twelfth consecutive month (since July 2023) in which temperatures were 1.5 degrees or more above that half.

A more comprehensive analysis of other key climate indicators, such as sea surface temperatures and sea ice cover, will be published today in the Monthly Climate Bulletin.

(Taken from Prensa Latina)

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