Santander will cut 111 branches and nearly 600 jobs in the UK

  • The bank will transfer 200 employees and justify the amendment due to the less use of the offices by clients

The British subsidiary of Santander Plans to close 111 branches at United kingdom By the end of August, which is equivalent to A. 20% of your network In the country it could mean a loss About 600 jobs. It will also downsize its corporate positions, including moving its headquarters to New campus Milton Keynes and I will present the possibility Distance working To about 5000 of its workers.

The entity made the decision to close 111 of its 563 branches A change in habits From customers in favor of mobile and digital banking, a trend accelerated by the epidemic, causing the occurrence 50% reduction in operations Personal offices in 2020, after a 33% decline in the two years preceding the pandemic.

A spokeswoman for the British bank indicated that 840 people Work in branches that will be closed while the entity has some 200 jobs available For those affected in the adjacent offices, in addition to other internal relocation opportunities. “As a result of working remotely, many transportation opportunities within the bank are now available to everyone, regardless of geographical location,” he explained.

Santander indicated that most of the branches affected by the closure Less than three miles (Just under 5 kilometers) from another branch For the entity, it has a maximum of five miles, while all are less than Half a mile at least Two ATMs Free to use and within a mile of the nearest post office.

Headquarters settlement

Likewise, the bank has assured that it will maintain a network of 452 branches Following the proposed changes, providing extensive coverage across the UK. “Customer use of branches has decreased dramatically in recent years, so we have taken the tough decision to consolidate our presence in areas where we have several branches relatively close to each other,” said Adam Bishop, Branch Manager of the British subsidiary, Santander.

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The bank also informed of its plans to downsize it Corporate offices In the UK to Six major sitesAs well as its intention to introduce flexible work formats, which will allow about 5,000 employees affected by the integration plans to integrate work from home and in local centers. A) Yes, It will shut down Company offices Bottle, Newcastle, London Portman House and Manchester Deansgate By the end of 2021, in addition to reducing office space in London Triton Square, London Lodge Hill, Leicester Carleton Park and Teesside.

In addition, Milton Keynes, where the bank is investing 150 million pounds (174 million euros) in a state-of-the-art new campus, will become the bank’s headquarters in the United Kingdom, along with the bank’s bases in Belfast, Bradford, Glasgow. And London and Sheffield. “The epidemic has accelerated the trend towards more flexible work, and our colleagues have told us that this has brought significant benefits to many of them,” said Nathan Bostock, CEO of Britain’s Santander.

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