Cartoon of Muhammad at a school in England raises protest – Prensa Latina

According to Sky News, the campus administration located in Batley, West Yorkshire, issued a public statement unequivocally apologizing for using a totally inappropriate image during a religious class.

In the letter, which a police officer read to the protesters according to the photos, it was also confirmed that the teacher had been suspended from work pending the investigation of the facts.

The TV station also reported that the cartoons shown to the students were taken from the French weekly Charlie Hebdo, whose editorial staff came under armed attack in January 2015 for publishing pictures of Muhammad, with the remaining 12 dead.

For most Muslims, the prophets of Islam should not be represented in any way because they encourage idolatry.

Thursday’s protest in front of the Batley School generated mixed opinions.

The local leader of the Indian Muslim Welfare Association, Yunus Lunat, saw that the teacher was trying to provoke his students, while the secular National Society described the demonstration as an attempt to impose Islamic taboos on the school.

Executive Director of the Society, Stephen Evans, said that teachers should have a reasonable level of freedom to explore sensitive topics and allow students to think about them critically, and considered that the school’s response would nurture the climate of oversight.

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