Al-Baseet campus is hosting until Sunday the National Economic and Business Sciences Student Conference – Albacete News

About 70 students from economic and business sciences are participating in the new edition of the forty-seventh national conference of the Spanish Association of Students of Economic and Business Sciences (AEALCEE), which is a forum for the exchange of ideas, work and experiences for these students, which will include four days of activities for the participants which will last until 28 March.

The Welcome Ceremony was held this Thursday in the Melchor de Macanaz Building Ballroom, by UCLM’s President, Julián Garde; Accompanied by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business at Al-Basit, Carmen Corcoles; AEALCEE President, Jens Sola; Organizing Committee Chair Marta Garcia; The faculty representative, Maria Vallejo, informed UCLA in a press release.

He thanked the university president for his invitation to the conference, congratulated the organizing committee for the work done, and thanked the efforts of many people, institutions, collaborators and sponsors.

Thank you very much to Gines Sola, as president of the Spanish Association of Students of Economic and Business Sciences, which aims, as he pointed out, to “work for the students of our branch”.

The association is going through a “very complete” moment, as noted. “We have shown that with effort and work everything can be achieved,” adding that the future goal is to train as individuals and learn more from these days and from the city.

The semester conference seeks to be a meeting point for representatives of university students from the branches of economics and business from various public and private colleges and universities, where degrees related to these branches of knowledge are taught.

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Esta nueva edición tendrá su sede en la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales de Albacete, a la vez que se aprovecharán algunos de los espacios sociales y culturales de la ciudad para llevar a cabo determinadas actividades de encuente as City.

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