Santander Spain is reshaping his team under the new management of António Simões

Santander Spain’s Board of Directors has approved Formation of the new management team that will be led by Antonio Simoes in his new phase as CEO of Santander Spain. After appointing the Regional President for Europe as CEO of Santander Spain, the bank made changes to its Management Committee.

The first line of the bank will consist of twelve members, half of whom will be responsible for the areas of work that are to be More flexible in management, which enhances customer focus, anticipates their needs and improves their experience with the bank.

In addition, the The Santander Spain Steering Committee will have three main areas: Commercial Banking, directed by Angel Rivera; Retail producer, under the direction of Matthias Sanchez, and wholesale banking, which will continue to be led by Ignacio Dominguez Adam.

Antonio Roman also continued the new phase, despite being a director of companies and institutions, and he did so Head of Private Banking, Adela Martin, has joined the management committee adding new responsibilities About the asset management business.

With regard to support areas, Pablo Del Campo, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Strategy, and Amaya Cassero join the new management team, Director of Human Resources and Organization, while the current Director of Technology and Operations, Juan Ulesola, continued in his position.

Risk Manager, Olgaabad; They have the Secretary General, Adolfo Diaz Ambrona, and the Director of Internal Audit, Pilar Zatarin She continued in the responsible commission in these areas of control in Spain.

Six directives from Spain formed part of the European Directorate

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Together with Antonio Simoes, five other members of the management committee in Spain have already formed part of the management team in Europe: elngel Rivera and Matías Sánchez (The Sim’s two strongmen responsiblees in Spain), responsible for retail banking and retail products in Europe, respectively, and Pablo del Campo, Amaya Casseru and Juan Ulesola, the three members of the Support Zones.

Management team completed in Europe with Isabel Guerrero (Digital Europe with a dual role in Portugal) and Francisco Catina (Director of Europe Risk with the Group Credit Risk role), as well as Country Managers, Nathan Bostock (Chief Executive of the United Kingdom), Pedro Castro and Almeida (Chief Executive Officer of Portugal) and Michel Jajowski (Chief Executive Officer of Poland) ).

Moving to ‘one Europe’

Santander announced the appointment of Antonio Simes as CEO of Spain, replacing Rami Abu Khair, as part of A series of changes in the European region management team to further advance the development of ‘One Santander’, A common model for cooperation between countries seeking to utilize the group’s scale to implement growth plans and gain efficiency and profitability.

Within the “One Santander” strategy, “One Europe” is framed, a joint operating and business model towards which the bank has taken important steps in recent months and under the direction of Sim, es, who Focus on growth and providing a more seamless customer experience in different markets.

It comes down to that Clients benefit from working with an international bank that offers global products and services, While the bank works in a more efficient manner, with a team in Europe also working in the group or in countries (Spain, UK, Portugal, and Poland).

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“My responsibility and the responsibility of the entire management team in Spain and Europe is Building a better bank for our teams and customers and responding to their needs more efficientlyGenerate shareholder value in a sustainable manner and contribute to the advancement of society. To achieve this, we are moving towards a common business model, accelerating the transformation of our channels and defining a more flexible, diversified and less hierarchical structure, ”Antonio Simus said in Internal Communication.

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