Regional elections in Nicaragua ensure continuity of self-government

BLUEFIELDS, Nicaragua, February 27 – Regional elections on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, scheduled for next Sunday, will ensure the continuity of the self-government process that the inhabitants of this region of the country are experiencing today, authorities said.

The president of the Municipal Electoral Council of Bluefields (the capital of the southern Caribbean coast), Alfredo Arana, in statements to the Prensa Latina newspaper, stressed the importance of this civic festival through which the 180 members of the regional councils, including landlords and owners, will be elected. Alternates.

He stressed adherence to the electoral schedule designed for these elections, and added that the regional advisors are responsible for ensuring each of the electoral districts in the two autonomous regions (North and South).

For her part, Alba Vargas, one of the candidates for the position of councilor for the Southern Caribbean region, pointed to the organization in the neighborhoods by the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) party and the UNIDA Nicaraguan Triunfa coalition.

He explained that they are working alongside a large team of mobilizers, who begin their work with their families and close friends, with the aim of understanding the importance of these elections.

“We will not just ask people to vote, no, we have been working on a process of visits, we are not a party that visits people just for the elections, we are working year after year, every day we fight elections, but this time it is our elections,” he said.

He stressed that the developments in activities prior to Sunday's elections took place calmly and peacefully and that there was good acceptance by residents of the coastal areas.

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“Winning for the Sandinista National Liberation Front means continuing progress, with this achievement we have achieved, because we are no longer in oblivion as before, we are now another Caribbean coast where everyone sees that the right to equality for women and children has been restored, and for people with disabilities,” he stressed. And to everyone in various sectors.

Vice President Rosario Murillo reported the previous day that the distribution of electoral portfolios for the above-mentioned elections would begin this week, adding that they would ratify the autonomy of the Atlantic coast of this Central American country.

“What does that mean? It means all the benefits that the people of our Caribbean coast deserve, because those lands are theirs, these resources are theirs, and that was the genius, the wonder and the sense of justice of our Sandinista popular revolution,” he emphasized.

According to the Supreme Electoral Council, 30 electoral districts were formed for the so-called “Victorious Caribbean Elections 2024,” 15 in each region, and about 500,000 people were invited to exercise their right to vote.

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