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Roman Abramovich, owner ChelseaHe hasn’t been to the British club’s headquarters in Stamford Bridge recently. Being a businessman, it has been speculated that his absence was due to work issues and not government prohibitions. After the outbreak of conflict between Russia and Ukraine, The Sun revealed that the billionaire is being denied entry to the UK and that it is “unlikely to be allowed to re-establish himself in Great Britain” due to his ties to Vladimir Putin.

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According to information from the aforementioned media, immigration officials will have clear instructions not to allow the Chelsea CEO to pass into English soil, something that has already happened in the past, since Abramovich’s visa was withdrawn in 2018 in the midst of another crisis: diplomatic tensions between United Kingdom and Russia.

Why did this happen? Because of Abramovich’s alleged relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This, combined with the armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia, will prevent the owner of Chelsea from living in the UK. Likewise, he will also not be able to obtain British citizenship, according to The Sun.

On the other hand, Labor MP Chris Bryant claimed that he had a “leaked 2019 document from the Home Office relating to Roman Abramovich”. According to the account, for the ministry, Abramovich “continues to be of interest due to his connections with the Russian state and his general association with corrupt activities and practices.”

The truth is that Abramovich has not appeared with Chelsea in recent months, and with this information it has been confirmed that he will not do so in the following as well. However, this has not hurt the club’s career at all, which is already considering next season with the possibility of appointing Jules Kundé.

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