Sandra Valero at the rehearsal convinces the judges of the very open Junior Eurovision contest

Nice (France), November 25 (Sent from the European Press, Luis Garcia Foster) –

The Spanish Junior Eurovision actress, Sandra Valero, dazzled with her performance at the festival’s jury rehearsal, which was held this Saturday afternoon at the Palais Nikaya in Nice (France).

Valencia sang “Loviu” at the beginning of the concert from the first place she received in the drawing for the performance ranking. Valero was one of the most admired journalists in the press community, and ranked fourth in the vote conducted among the accredited press in Nice.

Among the top five countries that journalists believe could battle for victory is host France. If Zoe Clouzori with ‘Coeur’ wins the cup, it will be the third time in four years that the neighboring country has won the competition.

Armenia, last year’s host, is another favorite. The Yan Girls quintet performs in a style similar to K-Pop and enters the scene with a giant inflatable dragon.

Ukraine comes with the youngest participant in this edition: Anastasia Demid, who lives in Seville out of curiosity. The Ukrainian woman sings “Kvitka,” which means “flower,” and is dedicated to the mothers of her country. In the performance, Anastasia and the dancers are shown dressed in the style of the Sailor Moon series and defeating the film’s “bad guy”, who in the anime version appears in the background.

The dragon of Armenia, the Spanish suitcases or the heart of the French piano are some of the items that appear on stage at this Junior Eurovision contest. Two other favorite countries, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, placed their performers on two platforms: a kind of bridge for the Netherlands and three diamonds for members of Stand Uniqu3, from Great Britain.

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The 21st edition of Junior Eurovision offers quite a few popular songs. Malta, Ireland, North Macedonia and newcomer Estonia, Georgia, Portugal, Albania and Italy come in with slow songs. Ireland with Celtic touches, Macedonia with Balkan rhythms, and Albania and Italy with sounds that seem taken from the Sanremo Festival.

Among the curiosities of the performances are the umbrellas of Georgian dancers; The tulle-covered giant brought by Julia from Portugal and Germany, which comes with a song in German also performed by Fia in sign language. The German actress shares a song dedicated to her sister, with whom she communicates “Ohne Worte” “without words.”

Junior Eurovision 2023

The Junior Eurovision 2023 stage takes place at the Palazzo Nikaia in the Provençal capital, with a capacity of 6,000 people, and where artists of the caliber of Bob Dylan, Prince, Pink, Eros Ramazzotti and Mylène Farmer have performed.

Albania, Germany, Armenia, Estonia, France, Georgia, Ireland, Italy, North Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom and Ukraine are the other countries participating in Junior Eurovision, the same number as last year. Estonia is participating for the first time and Germany is returning after a year of absence, while Kazakhstan and Serbia have withdrawn from the festival.

With Sandra Valero, Spain seeks its second win at the Children’s Festival. Winning in 2023 will allow us to host the 2024 festival, which will mark the 20th anniversary of the first Spanish Cup, when María Isabel won with the song “Better dead than simple”.

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