In a letter to Javier Miley, the UK ambassador called for “writing a new chapter” with Argentina

The celebration of King Carlos III’s birthday in Buenos Aires on Thursday evening served as the backdrop to what could be the beginning of a new bilateral relationship between Argentina and the United Kingdom.

“We are ready to start writing a new chapter in our long and rich bilateral relationship. The British ambassador said: “And to continue strengthening relations between Argentina and the British.” Kirsty HayesThis was after congratulating the president-elect Javier MileyThis was during a speech he delivered in front of about 900 people who came to the British Embassy to attend the traditional celebration, which this year included a band saluting the Queen. There were bagpipes, dancing and gastronomic specialties for vegetarians and vegans.

UK Ambassador Kirsty Hayes at the birthday party of King Carlos III organized by the diplomatic headquarters in Buenos Aires

Among those present There were some members of the future government, such as Diana Mondino (Chancellor), Mariano Cuneo Libarona (Justice) and Daniel Salamone (Conceit). The current national government was represented by Vice Chancellor Pablo Titamante.

Hayes’s references become relevant if we take into account that Chancellor Cafiero issued a statement last Tuesday rejecting the statements of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s spokesman about the right to self-determination that London believes the people of the Falkland Islands enjoy.

Future Minister of Justice of Javier Miley, Mariano Cuneo Libarona with Ambassador Kirsty Hayes.  On the left is diplomat husband Peter HayesFuture Minister of Justice of Javier Miley, Mariano Cuneo Libarona with Ambassador Kirsty Hayes. On the left is diplomat husband Peter Hayes

However, after the attacks by Kirchner and Milisme, both the president-elect and his candidate for chancellor said they would support the sovereignty claim in international forums. Former Prime Minister and new Chancellor of Sunak’s government, David Cameron, called Miley on Wednesday and congratulated him.

however, We’ll have to see how Mondino handles some of the issues where Miley maintains positions opposite the UK’s, such as climate change or defending LGBT minorities.

On Thursday, Ambassador Hayes indicated that those priorities would not be abandoned, commenting on King Charles’ concern for the environment and promising that the embassy would plant a tree for each guest, with the aim of helping to reforest Lanin National Park.

At the end of the speech, he added another reference to the gay community Thank everyone, everyone.

“In any case, the most memorable moment in Hayes’ speech was when he noted that there were still more than 200 hostages in the hands of Hamas, including many Argentines and Britons, and demanded the release of all those kidnapped.”

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