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Located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, one of China’s ancient capitals, its works and monuments reflect the time from the First Three Kingdoms (220-280) to the end of the Southern Dynasties (420-589).

On a tour of this site, experts from the foundation explained to Orby that its construction was carried out on top of the ruins of the original city of Jiankang (the former name of Nanjing during the Six Dynasties period).

Scholars point out that this era was crucial in Chinese history, marked by political turmoil, cultural exchanges, and artistic progress.

Among the most valuable treasures in this museum is the celadon-glazed bowl (a type of ceramic typical of China and the Far East), decorated with images of immortal beings with feather wings on their backs, lovebirds and Buddha statues.

“This artifact was finished using the enamel technique. Experts originally believed that this method did not appear until the Tang Dynasty (618-907), but this treasure predated that technique by 500 years, long before the Tang Dynasty ( 618-907). 907) Tang,” said Bai Ning, curator of the exhibition.

Although Nanjing holds the title of Capital of the Six Dynasties, its historical relics were almost completely destroyed in a serious fire during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) and then by the constant wars that followed.

Hence the importance of this exhibition, which was designed in 2014 by Pei Shenzhong, the son of the famous Chinese-American architect Pei Yuming, and was commented on by the guide to the place.

The museum visit is part of the activities of the Sixth Jiangsu Photo Exhibition Project, which this year is dedicated to the Belt and Road Initiative. The event includes the participation of media representatives from around the world and Prensa Latina was invited as the only representative from Latin America and the Caribbean.

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