Samuel Garcia met in the Netherlands with UK Ambassador Grupo Milenio

the ruler Samuel Garcia Sepulveda On Tuesday, he held a meeting with an ambassador United kingdom In Mexico to continue cooperation projects between this nation and the entity, as a border city with the United States.

At the meeting held in the Juarez Hall of the Government Palace, they accompanied the Head of State Javier Navarro Velasco, Secretary General of the Government; Emmanuel Lu, Undersecretary of Investment, State Ministry of Economy; Melissa Segura, Minister of Culture and Marco Gonzalez, Minister of Regional and Agricultural Development, Honorary Director General of the Border Region Development Corporation of Nuevo León (Codefront).

In the dialogue, García Sepúlveda boasted of the entity as the Mexican state that set a record in foreign direct investment, as well as an entity where development can be seen by strengthening its infrastructure through the construction of six new highways and three new expressways. New lines from meter.

The British delegation included James Rascoe, Deputy Chief of Mission of the British Embassy in the United States, in addition to Richard Hyde, Her Majesty's Consul in Houston, Texas, and Joe Aragon, Her Majesty's Consul General in Monterey, and others.

In December, García Sepulveda and Benjamin, who served as diplomatic representative ofFor the United Kingdom Its focus is to replenish bilateral trade volumes to a record high after the pandemic Covid-19They held a meeting previously.

Currently, the UK has British companies in Nuevo León such as Renishaw México, in the field of engineering and scientific technology; Hellermanntyton, a manufacturer and supplier of electrical products; Laqslathe tobacco company and Teconnex, specializing in the design and manufacture of clamps and technical solutions for joints.

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