Samsung TV Plus is streaming in Mexico, Samsung’s Free Netflix

You only need to be a Samsung Smart TV owner to access 20 channels offered by their device for free.

February 1, 2021

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The Korean multinational corporation announced that the owners of A. Samsung Smart TV He will be able to access Running platform Of the brand. In Mexico, the service ‘Samsung TV Plus it will be Free It will be available on smart screens from 2018 model onwards.

Mexican users will be at their disposal 20 channels Without any subscription or additional payment. In these you can find content about gastronomy, travel, cinema, news, music, comedy, animals, and more.

“With more and more people spending more time at home, television has become a center of entertainment and a port that connects us to the world”Said Aline Jabbour, manager Samsung TV Plus business development in Latin America, at Release.

“Samsung TV Plus could not reach our users at a better time: when the need for free international TV service, which the whole family can enjoy, is at an all-time high”, In the statement.

To access the service, the user only needs to run Samsung Smart TV s Enter the application. The app will be installed by default for the latest teams, so they can enjoy the production of this broadcast right away. It can be downloaded on computers after 2018 that did not have the app preinstalled.

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Thus, the Streaming from Samsung It would be an additional option to complement other platforms like Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney +. The big advantage, of course, is that it will not represent additional expenses and every month more channels will be added to increase the user experience.

Less than three years after its launch, Samsung TV Plus is present in 13 countries: the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, South Korea, Australia and Brazil, and now it arrives in Mexico.

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