Lacua is helping companies adjust to Brexit

Donostia The United Kingdom remains one of the main trading customers of the Basque Country. Last year 2020, in the absence of final data for December, exports from the Basque community to the British Isles amounted to 1,257 million euros, a number that puts the kingdom, according to Yostat, and its capital, London. On the Basque foreign trade platform, behind the German leader, who bought goods and services from the Basque country for 3,407 million euros, and France for 2,990 million. For this reason, the Basque Country wants to support companies to adapt to the new situation that has arisen Brixi.

The Basque Executive Authority organized a digital meeting to introduce the program of assistance to companies after the realization of England’s exit from the European Union. The conference will be held on February 3 and is specifically dedicated to Basque companies exporting or established in the United Kingdom, subsidiaries of British companies in the Basque Country, companies with commercial interests in the United Kingdom, or those considered to be the United Kingdom. A potential recipient of your services or products.

It should not be forgotten that the Basque Country has a positive trade balance with the United Kingdom, as it exports much more than it imports to the point where the coverage rate is 284%. According to Spri, registration for the aforementioned event is completely free and about 200 companies are already registered. You can follow the day on YouTube.

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