Tom Brady numbers in the Super Bowl

‘Lord of the Rings’ is a fiction, but if there was someone who looked a bit like him, he would Tom Brady has 6 Super Bowl episodes And the numbers that he managed to score in that game throughout his career, make him the king of “Super Sunday”.

The Super Bowl LV will be the tenth for Brady.

His legacy began in his 20 seasons with New England and now continues to grow in Tampa Bay, where he would become the first player in NFL history to participate in 10 games in 101 league seasons.

Nevertheless, he has connected other greats in the sport, because in the past thirty years, LeBron James has only managed to participate in 10 tournament matches, with the four most important tournaments in US sport counted: NBA, MLB, NHL y NFL.

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He is the only player to have earned 6 SB episodes.

When he last won with the Patriots, he overtook defender Charles Haley, who had won five times, and when he reached his Ring No. 5, he overtook him. Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw, Who got four in their careers. Will he get the seventh?

In the six tournaments, he was the 4-time most valuable player who achieved thanks to 2,843 yards, 43 completions in one game, 18 drops, plus 505 yards in one game. Altogether, until today, 256 completes in Super Bowl And 48 stadiums without objection.

He will achieve another milestone on February 7th.

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The Tom Brady numbers in the Super Bowl They are legendary indeed, but now they will add another team when they become the first team to play this game in their home court.

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