Salma, a movie to commemorate the 53 years of Martin Luther King

“Salma: The Power of a Dream,” the Academy Award-winning film commemorating the anniversary, celebrated on Sunday, April 4, of the death of the man who won the right to vote for African Americans.

This Sunday marks the 53rd anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, the American activist who gave his life to fight for equal rights for African Americans. it’s a His life story and the nonviolent movement against racial discrimination that he led for years and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 prompted many filmmakers to film his life.

Salma: The Power of a Dream (2014), is one of the films that best portrays the history of how the massive marches from Seal to Montgomery took place.That changed the history of the United States. The drama, directed by Ava DuVernay, focused on the struggle of Luther King, the character played by David Oyelow, after winning the Nobel Prize.

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It shows how he did what he could to make universal suffrage a right for everyone and not just whites, who up until that point were the only ones who had the right.

The film tells about what happened after Martin Luther King arrives at Salma in January 1965. It all began with the death of black citizen Jimmy Lee Jackson, shot by a white police officer.

After this event, on Sunday, March 7, a march was organized from Salma to Montgomery, the Alabama state capital. But the authorities prevented the demonstration from passing over the Edmund Beatus Bridge in Salma, which has become a symbol of the struggle for civil rights.

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Bloody Sunday

Salma’s first march is known as Bloody Sunday because police and security forces in Alabama with sticks and tear gas took off against 600 African Americans who were walking in civilian clothes. And caused the transfer of dozens of demonstrators to the hospital.

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In this way, a third march was organized that unleashed one of the bloodiest campaigns, but that allowed for the long-awaited right to vote for African Americans in 1965.

The film received two Academy Award nominations for 2015, including Best Picture and Best Original Song, a category it won for Glory, written by John Stevens, Lonnie Lynn and Che Smith, and performed by singer John Legend and rapper Kumon. The film is available for rent on the Amazon Prime Video platform.

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