Ryan Crowley: A bodybuilder’s chest injury is chilling

Injuries during training are not uncommon for athletes who run the risk of injuring themselves even during warm-up exercises in their sports. This is what happened with bodybuilder Ryan Crowley, who even He could lose his career due to an unfortunate accident recorded on video.

23-year-old Ryan Crowley suffered a chilling injury to his chest while practicing weightlifting. His coach, bodybuilder Larry Wells, posted a video of the moment on Instagram, stating that he created it Account in GoFundMe To your friend for the costs of surgery and rehabilitation.

Ryan suffered a horrific injury threatening his career. The complete separation of his chest from the bone. He is from the UK and his insurance does not cover this surgery. All money will go toward hospital and rehab bills, so you can get back to doing what you love. He has huge potential in bodybuilding! Wells says on the page, where they were able to raise just over $ 38,000.


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