They condemn the violation of rights during the de facto system in Bolivia – Prensa Latina

Hermosa confirmed in an interview with Bolivisión that she was detained for political reasons, without an arrest warrant, in January 2020 when she entered the country as the lawyer for former President Evo Morales to register him as a candidate for the Senate in the general election. From that year.

The de facto authorities sent her to Abraaj prison, and despite her pregnancy, forced her to carry excessive weights, did not have enough food and were denied the required medical care, factors that affected her. Pregnancy and pregnancy loss.

This and similar cases of government officials at the time of Morales alarmed the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet.

Other UN experts shared this concern, such as its Special Envoy to Bolivia, Jean Arnaud, who made clear that acts of political persecution and abuse of judicial procedures should not occur in the context presented by the state under the state of Anez.

Diego García Sayan, the special rapporteur of the international body on the independence of judges and lawyers, wrote on Twitter: “ I am concerned about the use of political persecution by judicial institutions and the public prosecution office, and the number of illegal arrests is increasing.[…]I call for the respect of the independence of institutions and due process.

Based on what she went through in prison, Hermosa spoke a few days ago about Anez’s current arrest on charges of terrorism, conspiracy and sedition, and reminded her that her rights will be respected.

He said, “ Don’t worry, under the rule of law you will get health care, you will get help in an emergency, you will be able to go to the bathrooms, to feed yourself the moment you feel hungry and many other things. Hermosa said on Twitter.

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Along these lines, the president of the Bolivian Senate, Andonico Rodriguez, specified this Tuesday that due process is being complied with with Anez, who was transferred to a clinic due to health problems while in detention.

The legislator thus denied the former ruler’s claim that he had been a victim of ill-treatment during his detention.

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