A few species of Amazonian red squirrel are found in Paraguay

“After much searching, I was finally able to briefly find one of the two (maybe three) species of native squirrels found in the country,” he states.

Agronomist Luis Riccaldi, after sharing photos.

The specialist, who found the specimen in the area of ​​the so-called Chufurica Hill, in Alto Paraguay, explained that there are two species of these animals in the northern region of the Chaco, and a third that was noticed by fishermen “Ashi” in Alto Paraná, has not yet been confirmed. documented way.

Ricalde stated that he was working privately in the Agua Dulce area when he saw the red squirrel, whose earliest presence in the Chaco dates back to 2000.

Southern squirrels in the Amazon – as the expert describes them – have the widest range of habitats in Bolivia, Peru and Brazil, and are very solitary animals similar to those usually seen in movies.

Specimens of this species live in the Chaco in a habitat of high forests, consuming high-protein plants such as the so-called mbucaja and korobe, “instead of eating nuts,” says the researcher.

According to Recalde, science lacks studies to determine the number of this species of chipmunk in the area, while in regards to their reproduction, they are known to be isolated and only communicate when the male is searching for the female or when the female is giving birth to her young.

The ecologist pointed out that there is a protection zone in the process of consolidation in this southern country to protect these kinds of threats.

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The animals that meet in the aforementioned forest spaces are – in addition to – endangered species, such as jaguars, borofi and certain types of deer, so it is very important to “follow the standardization process” of these protection areas.


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