Ruling party hardliners reject the Public Employment Act – Prensa Latina

In a statement of their membership published on social media, they emphasized that the legal proposal – promoted by the executive authority and discussed in the legislative body – attacks the independence of the middle class, municipal and university, and ignores this political force’s vision of the strategic role of public higher education.

Noting that PAC has never opposed wasteful spending cuts, let alone eradicating violations, the signatories assert that this law does not seek to achieve wage justice or improve public administration.

They emphasized, “We have always faced any policy or procedure that threatens equality, equity, social integration, the dismantling of the state, the violation of autonomy, the centralization of power, and the lack of respect for the constitutionally protected workers rights.”

She points out that the words of the Palestinian Legislative Council MPs in support of this initiative reveal the real justification for this dubious project: reducing spending, obtaining credit from the International Monetary Fund, surreptitiously reforming the state, and dealing with very sensitive institutional strings. Democracy and the rule of social law.

The statement pointed out that the justifications presented by the legislative section in media sessions to the party are excluded statements, but there is no comprehensive political weight to define the controversial bill, which is opposed by the majority of the leadership and militancy.

He asserts that PAC always reiterates that any change of structural depth must take place in an informed manner and as a result of a new charter for the benefit of society, not to increase social inequality.

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In conclusion, with half-truths, closer to populist positions, and contentment with more liberal sectors, the majority of the PAC segment is promoting reforms that weaken democratic institutions and the balance of power in contrast to the founding principles of our party. Text.

It reinforces his hope that with the Third Citizens Conference, the path will be reoriented along the democratic and progressive path that distinguished them in these 20 years of political life.

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