Roots invest 120 million in building the second largest audiovisual center in Europe in Madrid – Idealista / news

Roots Real Estate has invested €120 million in the development of Madrid Content City, the complex of recording studios located in Tres Cantos (Madrid), which will become the second largest audiovisual center in Europe, Just behind Pinewood (UK).

According to real estate consultancy JLL, which has advised Roots in the development of the entire project implementation process, it is a A complex of 140,000 square meters dedicated to creating digital content, as well as a new audiovisual university For Grupo Planet.

The first two phases of the project are already underway It covers a total of 75,000 m2, of which 22,000 m2 is occupied by Netflix and Secuoya Studios, who developed all their products in Spanish for Europe.

The second phase, which has already started and is expected to be completed by the end of 2021, reinforces the offer with five more recording studios, as well as warehouses, offices and parking.

For its part, work on the third phase of the Madrid City of Content continues to progress with a view to completion by the beginning of the 2021 academic year. This measure covers the largest proportion of the complex, 65,000 square metres, and will host several uses, including the University of Grupo Planeta, office buildings and additional recording studios and commercial area.

The campus will accommodate more than 7,000 students It will be managed by Grupo Planeta through the Training and Universities Division. It will offer undergraduate, graduate and master’s degrees specializing in audiovisual creativity, management and production.

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