Robbie Williams is criticized for his physique, they say he looks too thin: “I suffer from body dysmorphia and low self-esteem” – Zocalo newspaper

Mexico City.- Undoubtedly, robert peter williams, Known only as Robbie Williams He is one of the most famous and successful singers in the history of pop rock, and now we will be able to learn more about his life because the singer will release a documentary in Netflix.

At some point we’ve all asked ourselves “What would it be like to be a rock star?”And the truth is that Robbie Williams didn’t have it easy Even recently, he is still being criticized and discriminated against, because even though he has no problems sharing his daily life with them, Users tend to be harsh and have no filter in criticizing a person’s physique Without knowing the reasons for doing so.

Because of the above, the former vocalist of Take this, He took the time to send a lengthy response to everyone who criticized him for being “Very skinny,” the singer said on social networks Where he rightly received criticism.

What did Robbie Williams respond to his critics?

Criticisms of the compiler structure”Feel“Made after his wife Aida field He shared a photo of the singer suntanning, with users commenting that he looks very skinny.

There were hundreds of messages expressing concern about the health condition Robbie WilliamsBecause they thought he might be sickThe star is having a bad time.

Indeed, the singer suffers from a series of diseases, but these have nothing to do with his physical fitness, and although in his translated response he was born in… United kingdomHe confirms that it did not hurt him to read all the comments, but he wanted to clarify what was happening to him.

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Considering that I suffer from body dysmorphia and low self-esteem, the fact that I wasn’t hurt shows how far I’ve come. Feeling ashamed or ashamed of being thin is better than feeling ashamed of being fat. “Yes, thinking about it, it’s probably so,” Robbie Williams’ profile reads.

It is worth noting that the translator “Angels“, As mentioned, He suffers from body dysmorphia According to experts, this refers to when a person worries too much about physical defects that the rest of the population may see, or convinces himself that he has a defect and believes that others focus their attention on your appearance in a negative way.

It is important to mention that Robbie Williams is not the only mental illness that he suffers from, as the singer revealed that there are many diseases that affect him, However, he will talk about all this in more detail in his documentary.

When and where to watch Robbie Williams’ documentary?

Robbie Williams born in United Kingdom and from 16 years He started his musical career, and since then he has known nothing but fame and success, so it is a very natural thing in his daily life.

However, success, awards and recognition are not everything in a person’s life Robbie Williams shows what lies behind his iconic career of over 30 years.

We can see all this on Next November 8 During the movie premiere “Robbie Williams” via NetflixThe feature film is produced by Joe Perlmanwhich was nominated for awards Emmy and BAFTA.

“What would have destroyed me also made me victorious… Pandora’s box has opened,” Robbie Williams says during The official trailer for his documentary.

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