How the Game Boy Robocop theme song became the craziest, most annoying hardware ad you’ve ever seen

The main theme of the famous science fiction film has nothing to do with the legendary video game

A few days ago I crossed paths Twitter With one of those weird things that will be of no use to you in life but is so crazy that it will inevitably live in your brain for years. He said that music Robocop It’s been used in an ad that’s as cool as the tune.

If we accept that, as awesome as it is, we’re looking at one of those videos that is shocking enough to leave you with your eyebrows up like a pointed arch, then I totally agree, because it’s definitely one of the craziest things you’re going to see today.

Worship song

The video game’s theme song was composed by Jonathan Dunn Robocop It is the perfect example of how the geniuses of the time could create magic with chips. Although the 90s game hit multiple platforms with the same main theme,… Boy toy Among music lovers it seems to be a special gem.

As you can see in the video on these lines, the theme of the game is a little reminiscent of the movie, and that at a time when licensing problems and technical limitations caused a fair number of twists and turns, it was necessary to find quick solutions to problems that, it seems, will not Someone pays special attention to her.

What they didn’t expect when giving Dan the job was this, they recently reported Interview, he tapped into one of those pieces of music he’d had in his head for years to shape the song. It may have had absolutely nothing to do with the film’s theme song, but it was clearly distinct.

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“At that time I was still living in the house above my mother’s restaurant in Preston. We had a piano in the restaurant because my mother had jazz nights once a week. I would often sit at the piano after the restaurant closed and come up with some ideas. One of them was a tune “RoboCop string. To this day, if I’m near a piano, I’m always tempted to play it. It’s a beautiful, nostalgic feeling.”

From video games to television

What Dan didn’t expect was that from that music born of pure inspiration, a kind of cult following was born towards the theme that developed over the years until it became the basis for one of rapper Lil B’s songs 30 years after its release. Release. create.

However, the advantage of a lot of its explosion goes beyond the laptop speaker Nintendo We owe this not to the world of music or cinema, but to the world of television, and specifically to UK advertising from the same time.

While working on an advertising campaign proposal for the Ariston brand, which specializes in home appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines, an agency official heard the topic Robocop In the Boy toy His son and his recurring tune captivated him.

When Ocean was approached to see if they could use it for a TV ad, the company thought it could be a good way to add more life to the game’s sales, so they agreed to give it away and the rest is history.

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By the way, I apologize for it now you will have The song is stuck in your head all day. If it’s any consolation, I now doubt whether the mistake I find so suspiciously annoying is the music or the editing of the ad itself.

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