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The president’s tour lasted more than a week and a half Evan Duque by different countries in Europe and Asia.

During his trip, he visited the United Kingdom (where he participated in the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2021 (COP26) in Glasgow), France, the United Arab Emirates and Israel and ended his trips with a large amount of money raised for the country. .

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The total balance is more than 3,500 million dollars between investments, credit and concessional resources for our countryHighlighting the country’s place on the global agenda on climate change, Duque said Strengthening political, economic and diplomatic relations.

employment Glasgow, As Casa de Nariño emphasized, more than $1,000 million in loans, assistance resources, contingent resources and technical cooperation have been secured to support The Environmental Agenda for Colombia.

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employment France, Closed business of more than 2300 million USD of investment towards our country, while in The United Arab Emirates More than 70 million USD of investments have been consolidated.

In case Israel, The volume of the agreed investments amounted to 70 million dollars.

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It is a series of meetings and visits that leaves our country in an international standing and allows us to continue mobilizing resources for economic revitalizationsaid the head of state.

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