Republican Calls Trump Campaign Dangerous – Prinsa Latina

Kinzinger asked fellow Republicans to say Biden was legitimately elected and to stop suggesting otherwise, which he described as very dangerous.

The lawmaker addressed Trump’s rally in Ohio over the weekend in remarks to CNN, calling it a gathering of people in support of a “losing president.”

“I don’t know why these people go there and basically think and worship the loser in many cases,” he said.

In Wellington, Ohio, Trump repeated false allegations of widespread voter fraud and “rigged” elections against him. He added that it portrayed President Biden as incompetent and indebted to the extremist left-wing forces of the Democratic Party.

“We have won the election twice, and we may have to win it a third time,” he added, hinting at the possibility of running for the White House in 2024, according to Hill.

Apparently, in recent weeks, Trump has also pressured his allies in conservative media and other right-wing circles to suggest he will be president again by the end of the summer.

Kinzinger, one of Trump’s fiercest critics in the House of Representatives, called it terrifying that so many people believe what Trump says about the election and the possibility of his reinstatement.

“They don’t accept people telling them otherwise,” Kinzinger said. He stressed that “they can take me and Rep. Liz Cheney … and if only we were, they could demonize us and say that we are a pervert and we are now, but we are telling the truth.”

According to The Hill, other Republicans, such as Representatives Paul Gosar (Arizona) and Moe Brooks (Alabama), have defended Trump supporters who carried out the January 6 attack on Congress and backed the former president’s unfounded allegations of electoral fraud.

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