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Puerto Rican bowler Christian Azcona has dropped his commitments on the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA, English acronym) tour of the United States to meet Puerto Rico.

He was the first Puerto Rican bowler active in the International Basketball Association to participate a few days ago in a pre-selection for the men’s national bowling, in Fort Buchanan, to form the team that will participate in the Central American and Caribbean Bowling Federation (CONCICAPOL), the stage will be held from August 21-28 at Guatemala and will qualify for the Central American and Caribbean Games in El Salvador 2023.

“I had to find time (to come to Puerto Rico), but it doesn’t bother me at all. I will always make time for the national team,” Azcona expressed during the visit to speaker.

Azcona – a multi-medalist in Central America and America – has not been to the island since December 2019 when he made it to the qualifying round for the national team. He was barely able to share his family, then the COVID-19 pandemic arrived.

However, despite his impressive PBA season, the 27-year-old from Guaynabeño remains resolute in his goals with the national bowling team, which will also have the Pan American Championships, October 16-26 in Hermosillo, Mexico, a playoff world Cup.

“The national team is one of the most important things. I want to continue to dedicate myself 100 per cent to all the commitments I can make. Get involved with the national team, play hard, help my teammates, try to make us ‘ready’ because it’s 2023 We have to defend a ‘streak’ for each team (in the regional tournament) and we want to become the first team team to do that three times.”

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Upon his return to Florida, where he resides, Azcona will once again prepare to continue the PBA Tour in July.

Azcona has just made history by participating for the first time in five televised finals of the Professional League, the most important event on the track.

“Now on the PBA professional tour, I’m doing very well. I have the best season of my career. I’ve done five televised finals and I’m really excited. I’m working hard. I’m focused on trying to keep improving. The competition there is very tough,” the athlete said.

“When I come back I go to the PBA regional and national competitions. The second week of July in Florida I have the next professional competition. I always compete locally or at different levels trying to stay current and in good shape,” Azcona explained.

Which is that his purpose in PBA is quite clear.

“My next goal in the round is to win on TV. In the last TV broadcast, I did the TV qualifier and finished third. I also want to stay at that level.”

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