Real Madrid masculine commentary

Teresa Abelera, from Real Madrid, plays the ball against Boje, from Eibar. Photo: Oscar J. Barroso / Europa Press Sports via Getty Images.

This weekend, Barcelona for women achieved a milestone in Spanish football by establishing themselves as champions of the UEFA Champions League by beating Chelsea 0-4. A great achievement for a thriving sport, which nevertheless It must fight against the prejudices of a section of the population That he, for some quirky reason, couldn’t understand that women play soccer too.

And so, while the Catalans were raising the maximum of the European title at club level, in the Primera Iberdrola match, they sneaked, through the ambient sound, A comment that would embarrass anyone That he had ears and remembered the path that still had to be taken in Spanish society.

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“Jorge, nothing, They didn’t have to play. They had to block it. these Feminazis They want equality, man, “he can hear himself say clearly. The words were picked up by ATA Football’s microphones, which were broadcasting the match for the UK and US.”

How could it be otherwise, many soccer players responded to such an attack on their sport and their freedoms.

Couldn’t say it better … it’s a joke, right? Please tell me what is an abomination …

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