The prescription for which medicine is the most demanding mental level

Many experts are investigating the cause of psychological and physical exhaustion for medical students

Jesus Linares, a psychologist at the Madrid School of Psychologists, Javier Arias, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) and Carlos F. Sanchez, Dean of Medicine at the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM). The picture is taken from the medical literature

University is one of the stages that young people enjoy the most, but this requires a greater amount of effort and dedication for everyone the students During four or five years of the degree. Although all races have their difficulties, experts assert that medicine Indicates a higher level of mental demand for the students of this profession.

According to psychologist Jesus Linares, of the College of Psychologists in Madrid: “ medicine It’s the race that takes the longest to complete at six years, which is a comparable indicator to other races of shorter duration.”

Similarly, Linaris stated that just as it happens with any other profession of the health branch such as Nursingare professions that “have many hours of teaching in the morning and practical hours in the afternoon, keeping students hooked all day long. the students‘, in terms of time.

In addition, Linaris has a career medicine It has two characteristics: “On the one hand, the level of competitiveness that exists when entering the race, as there is a need for a very high degree between BAC and selectivity, which makes them carry a different weight on their backs compared to other regions. On the other hand, it is that the students From medicine They know that once the university term is over, which is practically mandatory, they have to take the MIR, which implies yet another weight for them, assuming more competition between them so that they can get into a specialist position.”

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To all this, according to Linares, it is added that during specialization ” the students They also have to work and study at the same time for an average of four years, depending on the major.” For a psychologist, all of these aspects “have a lot to do with the level of mental demand they have because of the intensity and that time medicine“.

Tips for better handling of the race medicine
The psychologist also gives a series of advice to all who study medicine Or go study it and they can handle it. In this sense, Linaris mentions the students “Work from the organization, set aside time for rest, free time, vacation, etc.” Necessary organization before a ‘completely long distance race where they will never stop studying and it will become a way of life. A style they will not be able to operate as if it was a constant ‘run’ because eventually they would end up mentally and physically tired.

Jesus Linares: “I the students From medicine They cannot consider MIR the final decision in their lives.”

Similarly, the psychologist refers to that number the students They experience the selection decision at MIR as “a final thing, like a last chance, and with time, they realize it’s not.” Therefore, the” the students From medicine They cannot take MIR as the final decision in their life and believe they have no other alternative or option to change.”

that it medicine The most mentally demanding race?
For his part, Javier Arias, Dean of the Faculty of Dr medicine From the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), she shares the same opinion, saying:medicine It is one of the most intellectually demanding undergraduate courses. “The skills required in this degree are very broad and diverse,” Arias told this newspaper, adding that the demand and diversity for them are “not limited to the scientific and technical level.” , but also in terms of interpersonal relationships and communication.” In addition, he asserts that it is necessary to add “the necessary empathy towards others and basic moral values” to practice as a physician.

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With regard to the guidance and advice that the Dean provides for dealing with this level of demand, Arias acknowledges that “Studies medicine It should not be faced as another task, but the student should try from the beginning to truly immerse himself in the profession. “It is true that medicine It assumes an important ability to let go and a great initial effort,” the UCM Dean admits, adding that “if a student can get to the point of understanding, enjoying, and even feeling emotional, for what they are studying, then from there everything can become much easier and more rewarding.”

Carlos F Sanchez: “medicine It is one of the professions that requires the most dedication and work on the part the students

In addition, Carlos F. Sanchez, Dean medicine At the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) states that the degree in medicine “It is one of the studies that requires the most dedication and work on the part of the students“.” The class is very intense and almost all the subjects taught require a lot of effort,” says Sanchez medical writing.

The reason for the requirements for this profession is due to the fact that “the first three years of pre-clinical training involve complex topics of great content, apparently far from the clinic but essential to the training of the physician”. “During the clinical years, you have to continue to learn a great deal of information, in addition to gaining clinical skills,” Sanchez explains, noting that “as you gain that knowledge, you have to integrate it into practice.”

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