Radio Havana Cuba Seven dead in a military plane crash in Nigeria

Photo: internet.

ABUJA, Feb.21 (RHC) Air Force spokesperson Epicunli Dharamula said none of the seven Nigerian soldiers who were on the plane that crashed today due to an engine failure have been unavailable.

Unfortunately, all seven people on board were killed in the accident, the official wrote on his Twitter account.

Dharamula confirmed that the Nigerian Airlines King Air 350 crashed while returning to Abuja airport in the capital.

A photo published by the Premium Times shows the wreckage of the smashed small plane, covered in thick smoke, as rescuers work at the scene.

In another tweet, the spokesman said on Twitter that the Chief of the Air Staff had ordered an immediate investigation into the incident and urged residents to remain calm and await the results of the investigation.

Early in the morning, Nigerian Aviation Minister Hadi Sirika revealed the information on his Twitter account and warned that the accident “appears to be fatal.”

“A King Air 350 military plane crashed near the runway in Abuja after an engine failure was reported on Mina Road,” he wrote.

He called on Sirika to remain calm and await the results of the military investigation, and to pray for the lives of the dead “if any.”

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