The former Los Pumas captain imitates Lascaloneta’s speech after a fall on his debut in Qatar to inspire Rugby World Cup hope

Pumas They returned to training at the club’s facilities Paoloin the French city No urinebehind the defeat In his first appearance against England Stork 27-10 In the first match of the World Cup. Argentine national team training led by the Australian coach Michael Cheika It was in the afternoon, after the day off the delegation had enjoyed on Monday.

One of the team leaders, Augustine CreevyHe spoke at a press conference and sent an optimistic message for the remainder of the tournament. Beside Lionel Messi He appealed to the trust after his fall Arabian island Saudi to La Scaloneta in The State of Qatarhe whore He used a similar resource to convey calm to the masses. “In this kind of defeat you learn more than you think. Especially since it is the first match in the World Cup. We’re all a little disappointed that we couldn’t show everything we had rehearsed. We did our work as a group and individually, and it was very good.

In addition, he highlighted the national team’s readiness for the tournament that will be held in France. “I didn’t see that in other World Cups, where I was working a lot on the mental side and especially on the physical side.. I feel we came very well prepared, however Unfortunately, when you can’t show them what we did, it’s frustrating. This will help us to be stronger and more united. now You have to face it, put your mind to it, and think about Samoa“, he confirmed.

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Regarding the remote possibility of qualifying for the next edition, the man from La Plata warned that ““They will all be final.”. “We will focus on the match. “You have to enjoy the World Cup a lot. There are pressures, but you have to get rid of them.”, Lawsuit. In his analysis of the weak production before the British, he explained: “I do not have a specific answer. England became stronger by one goal because of the way they played and kicked the ball. They were more alert. They were fair winners. We couldn’t take advantage of him (the extra player after Tom Curry was sent off). I don’t know if it’s mental, I didn’t do the analysis. I could not analyze or explain it.“.

“Rugby is evolving and… The team is developing in all aspectsspecially in Pumas. Now the mental aspect is being worked on much more. They are always working hard on the physical side, and on the skills in rugby as well. The communication with the coaches, the leadership roles, I think he prepared very well“He finished.

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in this meaning, Crevi He appreciated the mental aspect that the technical staff gives priority to. “Externalizing this is key. Talk about the problems you face, talk about your fears. It’s good that players are starting to open up. It’s something I love, because everyone has a different way of seeing things. It helps the team’s wealth, nourishes it and makes it stronger. I am convinced that Good, solid and strong combinations are what win tournamentsEven if they go through difficult times. “The group has come together very well and all this work is helping a lot in defining our position.”

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For his part, he said: The linebacker juan cruz malia, Who suffered a heavy collision of heads against Team UK and is continuing his recovery, is now a doubt for the next match, as he has not trained with the rest of his teammates. In the coming days it will become clear whether he is fit for the upcoming second show September 22 Against the team Samoa.

Finally, the three-quarter technician, Felipe Contepomi He pointed out: “We have not yet met to review everything that happened against England, however We have done personal self-criticism. I imagine everyone has their own things to wonder, question, or see. Why couldn’t we implement what we wanted to develop on the field?. after, Everyone takes learningbecause From these situations we must learn and improve“.

Pumas They will have a day off on Thursday, after double training on Wednesday. The agenda will continue on Friday with practices in the morning and afternoon. the team He will have approximately two weeks offon condition On the second date, he will be free and will play again on September 22 at 12:45 pm against Samoa in Saint-Etienne.

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