Rabat entrusted Somos to decorate the windows of its stores, companies and businesses

Although all of Rabat shops It has its own personality, with an extensive exhibition of jewelry and the distribution of the finest international watchmakers and jewelry companies, this season its windows in Madrid, Barcelona and Ibiza show a common relationship. inspiration by instructions Rabat, had to start from Deep seas and coral reefs. Something quite in keeping with the beginning of its business history in 1977 in Badalona, ​​a maritime municipality on the border of Barcelona.

The Efímero team, who joined SOMOS since last year and led by Ramiro Joffre and Alfonso Martinez, took the lead and set themselves the challenge of surprising RABAT with a stunning creative proposal. “We discovered Guillermo Oyaguez, a young painter with an impressive career, whose work “Seabed” recreated those worlds we wanted to represent in oil.. His original paintings are distributed worldwide in the hands of clients and collectors, and a work from this same series is currently on display at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid”, says Joffre. Drawing on the artist’s full participation and enthusiasm, he set out to transfer his work into a three-dimensional concept.

Large copies of the paintings “lighted up” by Oyaguez himself were commissioned with the help of collection designer Carolina González. Thus, the corals were recreated with typical items in the painter’s studio: brushes, brushes, spoons turning into flowers, anemones and sea sponges, painters’ plates into tropical fish. The result is a Fully handcrafted art installation that makes each window a one-of-a-kind piece As exclusive and unique as the entire universe that surrounds it. The concept will remain in place in its stores in Madrid, Barcelona and Ibiza until the fall of 2021.

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