R.United – Storm “Isha” leaves more than 55,000 homes in the United Kingdom without electricity – Society

Storm Isha has so far caused power outages to more than 55,000 homes in the UK due to strong wind gusts approaching 160 kilometers per hour in some cases and due to rain that has triggered more than 80 flood warnings.

Northern Ireland is the part of the country most affected by power outages, with more than 45,000 cases, followed by northwest England (8,000 outages), Wales (3,000 power outages), and Cornwall, with a few hundred, according to reports. BBC.

In addition, Scotland registered a “rare red alert” for strong winds that lasted more than an hour, especially in the north.

The storm caused many railway companies to cancel their services, which were completely or partially depending on the area in which they operated. Belfast Airport also joined these cancellations, while other airports saw delays and diversions.

Forecasts expect wind strength to decrease throughout Monday morning, although the yellow alert will remain in effect until noon.

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