Miraflores | La San Isidro and La Brena: this is the best area of ​​Lima to live if you're a single mother or father, according to Amnesty International | Peru | evatt | the answers

Amnesty International revealed that the best area is located near the sea. Photo: LR Composition / Ovosperm Bank / Peru Travel

Metropolitan Lima It is made up of 43 jurisdictions. In each of them there are tourist areas, shopping centers, hospitals, universities, entertainment places and other service centers that allow a person to stay comfortably in the mentioned area. However, according to Artificial Intelligence (AI) ChatGPT, there is only one area in the Peruvian capital that is best to live in if you Single mother or father It is neither San Isidro, nor Jesús María, nor Molina. what is he talking about?

To answer this question, OpenIA's chatbot, ChatGPT, relied on quality of life, level of security, green zones, and accessibility of various services. Here we tell you which jurisdiction in Lima was selected by artificial intelligence.

What is the best area in Metropolitan Lima to live if you are a single mother or father?

According to ChatGPT, Miraflores is the best area in Metropolitan Lima to stay if you are a single mother or father. This is because this state of Lima is distinguished by its combination of safety, accessibility to services and quality of life.

Amnesty International highlighted that Miraflores is known as one of the safest areas in Lima, an essential consideration for single parents looking for a risk-free environment to raise their children. Likewise, Miraflores state offers a range of high-quality educational options, from daycare centers to schools, and good health services, including clinics and hospitals.

Miraflores is the best area of ​​Lima to live in if you are a single parent, according to Amnesty International. Photo: Vietor

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On the other hand, the Miraflores area has many parks and open spaces, which provide opportunities for outdoor activities and family entertainment, such as Kennedy Park or the Malecón. In addition, the AI ​​confirmed that this place provides easy access to supermarkets, shops, restaurants and other essential services. This makes the day-to-day management of a single parent home easier.

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