Queen Elizabeth II’s dairy cows sleep in a water bed

With very favorable conditions at the royal stables in Windsor, the 165 dairy cows belonging to the Queen Isabel II They all became celebrities after it became known how they were treated by Her Majesty’s workers.

As if they were members of the royal family, cows are in a favorable position because not only can they roam freely within the great green pastures of Windsor, they also have a motorized brush that scrubs them to remove dirt and relieve stress as well. As high-tech machines exude it. However, the most curious thing that has been revealed is that these animals sleep in water beds that help them protect their knees, umbilical cord and udder.

(Reina Isabel II/Getty Images)

And not for the least, because these cows have been raised in the era of UK victory, who was king from 1837 to 1901, was the second longest-reigning queen on the throne after her great-great-granddaughter, the current Queen Elizabeth II. The cows belong to the Preti Puli breed and were entered into royal care in 1871 as a gift to the then King.

According to the information gathered so far, the first time Elizabeth II’s cows appeared on television was four years ago when the BBC, the UK’s public radio and television service, broadcast a special program on cows. Royal farms in Windosr Great Park, where the king works as a farmer and deceased Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was the guard.

Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, cows

(Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh/Getty Images)

“They are rural people and they are very good farmers,” he said. Mark Othman A farm manager, on Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in 2017 for BBC cameras, as part of a special show they made to mark the 65th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation. “When a cow is lying down, the water rushes below the pressure points where it lies and it ends up floating,” the farmer added, telling him about the strange water basins for the cows. Read also: Royal family members aging safely

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As is widely known, Isabel II Not only is he fond of corgis and horses, he also has a flock of 200 homing pigeons living in a luxurious loft in his home at Sandringham House in Norfolk. Read also: The strangest eating habits of Queen Elizabeth II

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