Mexican actor and singer Diego Bonita is an ambassador for Moet Chandon

Continuing to harvest his successes, Mexican actor and singer Diego Bonita, is now the new image, as well as the famous champagne ambassador Moët and Chandon, chosen by the brand as one of its ambassadors, to coincide with the artist in being true to her roots among other things.

The world’s leading champagne, with a variety of labels that respond to the conditions and tastes of all audiences, as well as Moët & Chandon’s passion for sharing magic with the world in a spirit that honors values ​​such as the celebration of greatness, family, union, in the Mexican artist, a fresh but at the same time mature and committed image. In terms of it.

From the perfect dumbbells and experience

Diego Bonita, visited Épernay a few weeks ago, the French city located in the Champagne region which is the heart of Moet Chandon. stayed in Saran Castle, a venue commissioned by Jean-Remy Moet in 1801 and has since hosted distinguished guests from a house Like The Queen Mother of the United Kingdom, Roger Federer and Scarlett Johansson, among others.

The artist visited the vineyards just as the grapes were ready for harvest, the kava fervently guarding centuries of tradition, and the Moet family celebrated the start of the harvest at a custom-created dinner by the Executive Chef. a house signs of fatigue To highlight the flavors of the various brands Moët & Chandon.

In this exchange, Diego Bonita Share with us the most extraordinary moments and sensations of that unforgettable experience.

He also stressed that during his visit there were very good moments such as his presence in Epernay, where the guide mentioned that Jean-Remy Moët was a friend of Napoleon, and that even the sign of the Moët Impérial appeared in his honor.

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Diego Bonita He told of his admiration for Napoleon, and then they took from him a hat, a triple like the one at that time, that hat, which Napoleon gave to one of his captains.

Years later, Jean-Remy Moet bought it as a tribute to his friend and it became part of an inventory a house And their kindness allowed him to take a picture with the hat.

Another special moment in his visit was when Benoit Guise, Chef de Café de la a houseAnd During tasting it was introduced. Although he was born in the year 90 Diego Bonita And that he loves Rose, (Benoit Guys) took a bottle from the cellars that year, Grand Vintage Rosé 1990, a magnum that has matured for over 30 years.

During his visit he could not miss the cellars (28 kilometers of bottles which give a perspective on the enormity of the craft project), visit the vineyards, learn about the work of the brewer among others, explaining that his visit was an experienced family.

from his path

Diego Bonita He is a Mexican actor and singer who started his career as a kid making his debut in 2002 when he participated in reality show Code FAMA, as well as in the children’s telenovelas Alegrijes y rebujos, Misión SOS, later in the youth telenovela Rebelde.

Diego released his self-titled album with his first single “Responde” in 2005, as well as a Portuguese release the following year.

In 2008, he released his second album “Indigo” which was a solo: Lost in You and a Million Years.

However, he jumps when he stars in “Rock of Ages” with Tom Cruise and Luis Miguel’s biographical series.

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His recent work includes the films Terminator: Dark Fate and Monster Hunter.

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