The interactive exhibition of virtual technical sciences started yesterday

The Faculty of Technology and Applied Sciences of the National University of Catamarca (UNCA), as of yesterday, reopened its doors remotely to announce its academic offerings, scientific research, technological development and innovation activities. It does this with the fifth edition of the interactive exhibition “Techno-Science: R + D + i without barriers” (Research + Development + Innovation), second place in the default mode.

Through the various digital resources, interested parties will be able to learn about the various functions dictated by the said college: Engineering in Surveying, Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mining Engineering, Bachelor’s Degree in Geology, Architecture and University Techniques in Risk Management, Hygiene and Work Safety.

They will be able to learn about the scientific and technological development activities of teachers and student researchers, the production carried out under the different versions of the Innovation Rally, both locally and in Latin America, as well as media and academic-scientific publishing of the aforementioned academic module: Institutional Repository Open Access (RIAA) The Journal of Technology and Applied Sciences – ReTyCA.

Martha Canas, Research Secretary at the College of Technology and Applied Sciences, stated, “This year we are back in Tecno-Ciencia with a renewed proposal, last year was the first time we did it in default and this year we have reissued it. We have improved our proposal so that it is not attractive Only for high school students who are considering pursuing a college career, but for the community as a whole.”

Enjoy and discover

Like last year, there are job posting spaces (samples from academic departments); Research/development groups and laboratories (LaTIC and LIIE); Institutional open access repository and ReTyCA Journal.

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It aims to bring the world of science and technology closer to the entire Catamarca community in a fun and interactive way. The idea is that this year’s event has the specifics of the game as a means for those entering the fair to discover careers, academic and research activities, mentorship and corporate media (website, magazine, etc.).

This occasion is favorable for the family, especially the youth, to enter the exhibition to enjoy and discover the wonderful world of science and technology, through research projects presented with a simple and clear curriculum, but at the same time attractive. And interesting, many of them are directly related to people’s daily lives.

Young people and students, in particular, will be captured and attracted by computer science and electronic presentations. Robots and other developments in the age of technology, because it is part of the modern life that they go through in insatiable and continuous learning.

Visitors can visit the exhibition by entering

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