Putin and Biden May Hold Summit to Stop ‘New Cold War’

The Heads RussiaAnd the Russian President Vladimir Putin, s United States of AmericaJoe Biden, They confuse celebration Summit in June, Although the meeting said Much will depend on how the current escalation of diplomatic tension ends Between the two governments, EFE Reports.

“They talk about June, There are even specific dates“, He said Presidential Adviser on International Affairs, Yuri Ushakov, To a program on Russian public television.

The diplomat admitted it Preparations for the aforementioned summit It hasn’t started yet, since then The decision to celebrate it has not been made yet. “Of course, based on many factors, we will make a decision,” he added.

If that happens, it will be The first high-level meeting Between the leaders of the two countries since then Put it in And the former president Donald Trump He will meet in Helsinki in July 2018.

The The proposal was launched before Joe BidenIn a phone conversation with Putin, he reported on Sanctions to be taken by Washington against Russia.

The United States expelled A. Ten members of the Russian diplomatic mission Of the alleged cyber attacks in Moscow, the Interference in the US elections, The Occupation of the Crimea And the rewards are for the soldiers in Afghanistan, according to EFE.

When I spoke to President Putin I have expressed my belief that personal and direct contact between the two is essential to moving forward towards a more effective relationship, and he agreed on this point. ” USA President.

So, Biden suggested Putin meet in a third country in Europe, Which, according to President of the United StatesBoth governments are doing the analysis.

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, He said The Kremlin welcomed the proposal, but what Moscow could take new measures against Washington If you “escalate” “unfriendly steps”.

Tension escalated between the two countries after that Biden would call Putin a “killer.”. This must be added to the tension about Ukraine, whose borders Russia has concentrated a large number of troops in recent weeksWhich raised fear of a new struggle to control the Donbas.

There were also frictions by Poisoning, arrest and conviction Opposition leader, Alexey NavalnyAnd the His health has deteriorated since he entered prison, where he spends two and a half years in prison.

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