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Let’s talk about Netflix today. What’s going on? What is the good? What is the note? Since the parties started, Netflix hasn’t stopped bombarding us with premieres of all kinds.

Let’s take the top 10 major headlines of recent days. Let’s be professional, so that the order is alphabetical. and he?

Coffee with a Woman’s Smell, Cobra Kai, Emily in Paris, The Grim Daughter, The Mother There Are Only Two, The Sea of ​​Tranquility, Don’t Look, One Punch Man, The Magician s Christmas is not so cold.

Why do I claim these are the most important headlines from a journalistic standpoint?

For its proximity, its success, the response on social networks, the reaction of the press, the controversy, and the magnitude of its distribution. This is not a whim

Perfumed coffee for women: What a shame that Netflix is ​​rewriting series like Televisa, but it’s an even greater shame that audiences are responding so positively to this.

Cobra Kai: It’s like old TV, good but old, like a family show from the early 90’s, the question is: Why did TV stop this kind of series?

Emily in Paris: It’s unbelievable, but ideologically it is exactly what not to do today with regard to gender issues. It is the insistence on what is supposed to have done little harm. then?

Daughter of DarknessA must-see movie directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal, with pure characters like Olivia Colman and a thrilling, scary story.

one man punchA very lucky twist in Japanese animation that takes the action to a more modern and dynamic digital level.

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What is happening here? who – which Perfumed coffee for women It’s a remake, which Cobra KaiAnd Emily in ParisAnd Mother there are only twoAnd one man punch s the magician It’s not real premieres, it’s new seasons of something that was already there, just like A Not So Great Christmas which is the sequel to A Not So Great Father.

In the case of other films, Daughter of Darkness (US, Israel, UK, and Greece) and do not search (Paramount Pictures) are acquisitions. The Sea of ​​Tranquility was already made in the cinema. What is the note? That Netflix is ​​safe. More than creation, it reinforces, it extends. And the audience is happy. How do you see that?

Alvaro Cueva

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