Tensions continue between the United States and China over Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan (+ video)

Lijian reiterated that Beijing opposes Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, which China considers part of its territory, for which it will take strong countermeasures to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity. Photo: CGTN.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian warned the US government on Monday against this The People’s Liberation Army will not stand idly by if the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, visits Taiwan.

The spokesperson confirmed this at a press conference Beijing opposes Pelosi’s visit to the island, which it considers part of ChinaAnd that his country will take strong countermeasures to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The spokesman’s remarks came amid escalating tensions in the Taiwan Strait after the announcement of Pelosi’s tour of Asian countries (Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan) and a possible visit to Taiwan.

Lijian denounced that the United States tried to distort and empty the principle of one China, which claims to participate in the speeches, but then does not respect its actual actions.

He considered that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan would have a political impact, which he described as atrocities, due to her high position in the United States government, but he confirmed this. Beijing is fully prepared for any eventuality.

Last Thursday, Presidents Xi Jingping and Joe Biden had a phone conversation in which Biden reiterated his commitment to the one-China policy.

Although the US government has yet to announce whether Pelosi will stop in Taiwan, the media have indicated that this may happen between Tuesday, August 2 and Wednesday, August 3.

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US deploys ships and planes near Taiwan

The media also reported that the United States was moving aircraft carriers, other ships, and many aircraft near Taiwan. Before Pelosi’s possible visit to the island.

Among these, the closest to the area are the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (located in the South China Sea), the amphibious assault ships USS Tripoli (located near the Japanese island of Okinawa) and USS America (in the Japanese port). Sasebo).

Beyond that, amid military exercises taking place in Hawaii, are the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, the multipurpose amphibious assault ship USS Essex, 36 other warships and three submarines.

Also arriving on the Japanese island of Okinawa from Alaska were two Lockheed HC-130 search and rescue combat aircraft, as well as multiple KC-135 air carriers.

US warns it will ‘not be intimidated’

The US National Security Council’s Strategic Communications Coordinator, John Kirby, announced Monday at a White House news conference that the House Speaker’s possible trip to Taiwan could not be an excuse for Beijing. He launches an attack on the island.

The senior official stressed, “Nothing from this potential visit (…) will change the status quo. The world must reject any effort by the People’s Republic of China to do so. (…) We will not be afraid.” In this sense, he emphasized that the United States would continue to operate in the seas and skies in the Western Pacific.

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If the visit is confirmed, Pelosi will become the first female speaker of the US House of Representatives to arrive on the island in the past 25 years.

In the video, China warns the United States of the possibility of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

(With information from Telesur s RT in Spanish)

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