Proposal to improve municipal spending announced in El Salvador – Prensa Latina

Buckley announced that he will send to the Legislative Assembly that on May 1 will assume a series of reforms to the Development Fund (Fodes) Act, which will reduce national tax collection from 10 to 6 percent.

The president has specified that only 25 percent of the total amount will be delivered in cash and the rest will be in construction in the communities, where a national directorate of municipal works will be established with public funds.

This entity, which will be managed by Alvaro Auburn, will be responsible for approving projects requested by mayors.

“We will show (again) that you can do more, with fewer resources. Money is enough, when no one steals,” Bukele posted on his Twitter account.

The Fodes comes from taxes paid by Salvadorans and equates to eight percent of the state’s general budget, but the Finance Ministry did not hand them over for 10 months due to an alleged lack of funds.

The opposition accuses the executive authority of keeping delegations to influence competing mayors in the face of the February 28 legislative and municipal elections, which are dominated by the ruling New Ideas Party.

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